One-on-one Coaching:                                                                                      

  • how to handle the cold call, or to an existing client

  • your intro

  • be polite, be listening, don't be waste their time. no one likes time wasters. 

  • how to get to the point of your call across and not upset anyone, including you, the caller

  • how to end the conversation, knowing you have that customers respect. They will remember you. It does happen.

  • self employed or on a salary or commission?  Hey, you can hone your skills to enjoy your work

  • know how to make that - hard to confront -  follow up second call - the call back

  • reality - face it, you are not going to sell or close every single person you call. Get used it. 

I have been selling since I was fifteen years old, serving customers on weekends in the only milk bar in a little country town call Trentham. 

Many years still on the phone. Still enjoy talking to people about my own services or other's businesses.

And no, I am not a hard seller, arm-breaker, not a cruncher, not a hustler, not a call center person trying to get an appointment under heaps of pressure, please look elsewhere if that's the style of coach you are looking for. 

If you are still reading this, I have skills, and yes, talking to people on the phone is a real skill.

I have trained others to sell direct, F2F, B2B, and talk to people, total strangers on the phone and nail it. 

What products I hear you ask, well, from selling ads on the phone for yellow pages, tv and radio ads, investments, and I reinvented how wholesale plant growers sold into the largest nurseries in Melb, yep, that was me. Others followed my example. A Win - Win. 

Facebook and Social Media is important, sure. But nothing beats a personal friendly phone call to your existing customer.

Please call me for a chat during office hours, let's discuss your problems. My coaching fee? 

We can sort that out later...

Ok then, please phone me, Rene on 041 999 4095