Yes, we DO make those phone calls you dont want to, or dont have the time.

2021 Australia...businesses handling Covid lockdowns and rebuilding

It's not easy, we understand. Crystal ball gazing, may or may not work, so...

If you need to reboot and reinvent your business after all these Covid lockdowns please contact us.

We contact your clients by phone and 'personally' sent targeted emails on your behalf to:

  • remind them you are still in business
  • have stock ready to ship
  • are available for consulting
  • ask them what they need from you...right now, how you can help them

We are very affordable, as an agency we also...

  • Book professional corporate speakers
  • Book established Australian authors as speakers for conferences, events and VIP dinners
  • Supply ghostwriters for autobiography/memoirs
  • Supply writers for Corporate, Media & Business articles 
  • Supply Stagecraft consultants to help you look your best & feel comfortable on stage/on camera
  • Offer you the best comedy writers for your novels, presentations, articles and screenplays