We re-boot businesses, hit 'refresh' after all those Covid lockdowns, federal elections and now inflation... we all need to keep moving forward people...

Please contact us when:

  1.  you have a new project/product or service you wish to promote to your existing customers

  2.  you need to let your clients know a product has arrived and ready for delivery  - you need me to organise the details etc. 

  3.  when you need to solve a problem - theirs or yours

  4.  make contact (again) from an earlier marketing campaign for feedback - to see the results

  5.  to 'put out fires' by contacting your customers urgently by phone or text message, a recall, a delay, etc.

  6.  you don't have the staff available or experienced to handle promotional and public relations issues 

  7.  you have a problem reaching out to your VIP clients on a personal level, too busy yourself or insufficient staff

All the information provided and gathered remains completely confidential.

This is your IP database, used only for your message. All my previous clients can vouch to that. 

Prefering to work with an exisitng and/or 'warm' database client list. And not a recently purchased one, historically they are a waste of our time and your money. 

Cost to you?

All our contracting fees are negotiable: we bill per project or per database size, it just has to be a good fit. We do not work on a commission basis or on an hourly basis, consulting as we do, hourly rates just dont work, simply because we like to talk. 

How we work...

  • Firstly we contact your target market and loyal customers from your existing database

  • Updating the contact details when necessary  (an updated database is a valuable assett)

  • If required, immediately email them your message - no delays. 

  • If required, follow up to ensure all is as it should be for our clients. i.e. you. 

Q. How much is a new client worth to you? 

Securing new customers is a skill, not for the faint-of-heart. With more than 30 years experience, we know our stuff. 


Please contact us for a chat, see how how can work together to increase sales for you. 

mobile: 041 999 4095 - not on weekends, thanks. 

email: rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au      

based in: Fairfield Victoria

  Image reference:  Using a Crystal Ball to see the future? I wish. We all wish.