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Who we are: our team have worked in sales and marketing for 30+ years. We understand how tough it can be. We are extremely proud of the business relationships we have established along the way.

                                                                                    Yes, this photo is a bit dramatic...we know

Our work: Our team is small, but our reach is wide.                                                              

What we do: We don't waste time or money, yours or ours.

We assist with target marketing and promoting products and services for small businesses, start-ups, authors, speakers, entertainers and entrepreneurs. Increase your sales, public relations, placing your brand where it needs to be. 

How we work: Free consultation/conversations to establish what you require, the how, when & where. Your website: if needed, we assist with your website content to ensure it aligns with the information we send to your clients, each page must contain the precise information your clients need to move forward/buy.

                                                      Our services we: Research. Contact. Promote. Market.

Research: Where you fit in the market, who is your competition; their prices vs yours, establishing your point of difference

Make contact: If you have an up-to-date database, we use yours. We update all the info as work down your list. If you don't have a database we create one for you. This is very time consuming for us, but the take-away for you is - you have an up-to-date accurate database to market to later. We strongly advise not to purchase a database, we have found them to be out of date, with the wrong contact names and when we call their office, they are very annoyed, 'that guy left 2 years ago'. Ooops. So...who is the person I should be speaking to? 

Your Target Market: We get to work. We first call. Yes, each and every contact. We have a strict 'no spam' policy. We discuss your product/service and establish their interest level, then email the right person the exact information they require immediately. At worst, if they are not interested we find out why and record that feedback for you. 

Reporting back: if the matter is urgent for your customer, we contact you ASAP. End of week report: every Friday 5pm we email you all the info/feedback you require, or on a preferred day. 

Our fees: are negotiable, per hour or per project, billed fortnightly & payable 7 days from invoice date.  We do not work on commission only.

Are you interested in Corporate Branding/Gifts? Placing your logo on our hand made products, great!

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