Brands in Entertainment via Seamless (or blatant) product placement in feature films, television shows and on stage/theatre

Producers: our goal is to provide producers with relevant brands to support the uniqueness of each project. Seamless, successful integration is the key. 

Brands: presenting opportunities for all  brands to place their products and services on the big screen, television screen and on stage.  Why?  To build strong and instant brand recognition. 

  • Target market to a specific demographic and genre
  • Reach large numbers in one viewing. In feature films, you already have a highly interested captive audience
  • Frequency and repeated viewings provided longevity. Value when compared to spot TV advertisement buys
  • Build a larger and loyal consumer base, in the children and teen's market place
  • Celebrity recognition builds affinity and acceptance with your product 
  • Ability to plan tie-in campaigns pre and post movie release dates

Levels of participation…

Brand Integration: when the storyline is edited, to specifically include the brands. The brand is seamlessly interwoven within the script, showcasing product, enjoyment, functions or unique features.  Producers and directors guarantee that scenes are viewed in a positive manner

Product Placement: when the product is provided to a production company for (seemingly) natural exposure into the scenes on screen.  Brand’s that continuously leverage and participate in a number of productions at the same time, increases exposure for a longer duration.

Prop Placement:  studios and stages need props. From custom-made period lampshades to the latest sustainable green products

Plot/Usage Placement: when an on-screen personality or character interacts or handles the product or service. A usage placement often involves a visual and spoken element

Spoken Placement: the product, service, or corporation is mentioned. Creates a huge effect

Visual Placement: the product is observed for a few seconds. Sometimes repeatedly

Our services includebut are not limited to:                                                                             

  • Sourcing the ideal scripts on behalf of the brands, on request - a free service
  • Analysis of each script for brand and product matching
  • Sourcing and contacting the optimum brands on behalf of the production companies
  • Negotiation of product placement terms/deals regarding: cash as a major sponsor, cash paid for all brand placements, mix of cash and products, trade or loan: vehicles, electronics etc.
  • Coordinate legal documents provided by producers for brand’s

Production Companies We are hired by producers who are seeking funding for their productions. Producers work with specific brands and their marketing departments for seamless product placement, timelines and future projects, including celebrity/film cross promotions for their products marketing campaigns. Strategy and plans are actioned in collaboration with the brands marketing teams

  Product placement on retail shelves and overseas markets

Every product and service requires a unique sell, aimed at your genre, target market, demographic, geographical location, all of these factors are very relevant, save time and money and do it right from the start. Marketing in 2019 is quite the challenge. 

If you have a new product to launch to place on retail shelves, attract online resellers and need some assistance to have this actioned then contact us for a chat, it's free. 

                        Checklist, do you have these in place? 

  • your website looking professional with simple and effective content & great functionality for all potential buyers 

  • elevator pitch ready for phone and personal meetings

  • social media sorted, which media is the right platform. Decide who will manage and keep it up to date

  • database constantly growing, keep it accurate and up to date. Never send unsolicited emails, you must have their permission first and a clear working opt out function

  • We can advise and assist where needed, for all the above issues

  • Export to the country where you expect the strongest demand for products, we assist with sourcing overseas partners working with you to establish a strong relationship with government departments and relevant others