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The Fyrefly  live music venue shows                                                                    

34 Inkerman Street, St.Kilda, located down stairs at the Newmarket Hotel. 

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Feb 2nd - Cam Giles |  Feb 8th  Aboubacar Djelike Kouyate | Feb 9th  Claymore | Feb 22nd 19-TWENTY | Feb 24th Vince Jones |

Feb 28th  Mary Coughlan | 


# Us Two   Gretel Killeen & Glynn Nicholas  presented by Glynn Nicholas Group  

Holden Street Theatre, 34 Holden St Thebarton South Australia. 

Shows: Sat 19th Jan @ 7.30pm | Sunday 20th 4.30pm | Tix $33 - $39

The hilarious his and her versions of our lives. Gretel Killeen and Glynn Nicholas first performed together in the mid 1980’s. Since then Gretel has hosted award-winning television, written best-selling books, performed as a comic for troops around the world and...where did Glynn go? Adelaide for f*&k’s sake. Although admittedly he was a legend on the ground-breaking Big Gig.

Both Glynn and Gretel have raised children (not with each other), been married, divorced and joined that league who are crap at relationships and who also think they look much younger than their actual age. A delightful show, full of stories, comedy, music, sexual tension and a bit of tango (simply not to be missed.)  With a limited first season and a guarantee that there will be no forced audience participation this show is a "must-see" for the vision -impaired.        

ASTROLOGY WEEKEND with 6 Astrologers at Mt. Tamborine   

SYMBOLS AND CYCLES OF THE UNIVERSE  - JANUARY 26-27th 2019. Grail Haven, 303 Long Road, North Tamborine, Qld  

Presenters: Lynda Hill, Babula Clement,Rosemary Moore, Iris Detenhoff, Richard De Welles and Gerry Taylor-Wood.

SATURDAY – REGISTRATION from 9am. 10 – 11:30AWAKENING THE WILD SOUL OF THE FEMININE – Babula Clement. Babula will explore the journey of Uranus through Taurus.  As a Venus sign, Taurus is deeply rooted in the Feminine and relates to the earth herself, to our bodies, sensuality, fertility, sustainable life, production of food, the significance of nature and all forms of art and beauty.  This sign is fundamentally about love.Taurus also points to basic survival issues and the strength to sustain life. The impact of the Awakener Uranus is a powerful call for radical change and upheaval, a shift in consciousness towards the Feminine.  Things are cracking wide open and its quite a ride!  – The Brisbane School of Astrology

12 – 1:30SATURN AND THE GURU WITHIN – Rosemary Moore (Gemini Connection School)  It is all good, including Saturn. We will look at the lighter side of Saturn and where it it sits in your chart. This indicates where you are not required to carry a heavy load but to lighten that load. Saturn is not about what you cannot do, or what you don’t have, but more about the things you did not know you had and what you did not know that you could do. Now is the time to recover the creative essence within…, and put it to work!

2:30 – 4pm – MOON TIME – THE ART OF TIMING   –   Iris Detenhoff   

Astrology is a sacred art which inspires a deeper understanding of ourselves, humanity and the universe.  In this talk you will learn about the Moon’s subtle influence on the growth cycle of humans, animals and plants.  You will also hear how you can achieve better results by attuning a wide range of daily activities to the lunar cycles. Ultimately, this traditional knowledge allows you to live a healthier, more sustainable life style aligned and flowing with Mother Nature instead of struggling against the tide. – Editor of The Moon Time Diary

SUNDAY  10 – 11:30 – CRACKING THE CODE – THE DEGREES OF HOLOGRAMS   –  Lynda Hill. The Sabian Symbols are an amazing tool for insights and transformation. It is through seeing the Symbols as holographic way that we can see into the magic that is astrology.  The Sabian Symbols will take you to another level of divination explaining how one degrees relates to another. – Author of The Sabian Symbols

12 – 1:30-THE ALCHEMY OF CRYSTALS, PLANTS AND PLANETS – Richard and Gerry. The archetypal and alchemical flow between crystals, plants and planets will be presented. Using ancient grids and modern interpretation Richard and Gerry will show the sacred union between universal principles contained within the flow of life. Gerry – London Centre for Psychological Astrology (Dip. Dr Liz Greene) Richard – Crystal Healer

FORUM WITH ALL 6 ASTROLOGERS – 2:30 to 3:30 pm. 3:30 to 4:30 – High Tea, followed by Garden fire meditation led by Marilyn Hillier, President of Gold Coast Astrological Society. *Please see presenters websites for their profiles.

Venue:          Grail Haven, 303 Long Road, North Tamborine, Qld, 4272

Contacts:      Marilyn Hillier: 0755332738 Mobile: 0402097125     Email:

Gerry Taylor-Wood: 0755450414 – Mobile:0424080391  Email: |

Details: Bring picnic style lunch to share – Limited space please book early. *Accommodation is available at Grail Haven, a list of local Hotels/Motels will be sent out.


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Friday night Jam this week at the Fyrefly: Here's how it works. First set or two we will be inviting anyone who has registered on the night to get up and play or sing with the band. Bring your own instruments. We will have backline and a kit. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Register at the door. Dont stress about songs we will work it out on the night.