Charmed Herbs Pouches with blessings and dedications

Gifts under $10 

Herbs have been used since ancient times for protection and blessings. Historically hung from ceilings and over doorways, placed in rooms, cots and places where protection from evil, ill-wishes and curses is needed.

Each charmed pouch comes with a blessing card, both presented in a white organza drawstring bag. Because white is the strongest protection color.     

Charmed herbs in pouches as special gifts for self and your loved ones. Love & Romance, Congrats, Happy Occasions, Welcome Baby, Housewarming, Remembrance, Goodbyes, Attract Money and Good Luck. 

Wholesale orders welcome. Minimum of 10 pouches, mixed ok. 

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Blessing card themes: 

  • ‘Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected
  • ‘À Mon Amour... to my love
  • 'Sur Demandé ...on request- attract money and good luck
  • ‘Aimé Toujours... loved always
  •  ‘Pour Toujours...forever

Charmed Crystal pouches and Charmed Herb pouches for love, romance, luck and healing. Charmed Protection pouches to protect you and your loved ones from curses, ill-wills and bad luck.