If you are about to buy your first classic custom dream car, or to add to your collection then you need the advice of an expert, look no further.


Damien Kemp travels nationwide and inspects every car onsite, intricately from top to bottom.

                                          Phone Damien: 0422 003 183 to arrange a pre-purchase inspection now

Known as meticulous, thorough and a super nice guy who know his game. Supplying a detailed report to give you the confidence to move forward with your purchase. 

Damien is a highly experienced inspector with over 20 years experience with classic and custom cars. And driver of is beloved Funderbolt.

  • Classic Car Inspections specialises in pre-purchase vehicle inspections and transport of custom and classic cars.
  • Classic Car Inspections provide pre-purchase inspections and transport ​throughout Vic, NSW, ACT, QLD & SA

Funderbolt is a nostalia car racing favourite. Driver Damien Kemp

National Nostalgia Drag Racing celebrity, Damien Kemp is a classic and custom car enthusiast and pilot of the nostalgia gasser 'Funderbolt'™.

Damien Kemp’s 1964 Fairlane Gasser Funderbolt™ 

Currently (2018) Damien Kemp is the fastest gasser racing car driver in Australia and ranks number two in the world. 

With over 20 years  experience, working with classic and custom cars Damien is a leader in the Australian Nostalgia Gasser racing fraternity.

Racing Gassers since 2010, he came second in his very first event... and the first place wins continue today! 

You may have seen Funderbolt™ at the National Nostalgic Car events/drags/races and Classic car shows. 

  • Gassers are the fastest growing class in nostalgia racing in Australia
  • Racing bracket: V/Gas

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Damien Kemp and his much-loved Funderbolt Nostalic Car Gasser wowed the crowd with long burnouts, and mid five-second passes. Engine is a 44oci SBF, with 8/71 Hampton blower and Hilborn four port injection


Media & Publicity Funderbolt Fairlane Gasser - contact Damien

If you live in or around Melbourne or Geelong you may have seen Damien in one of his daily drivers, a shiny, beautiful black 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie. Well, we like it. 






Photos: Thanks to Street Machine & Thorogood Auto Photography

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