In association with Entertainment Depot Agency, we match narrators with self published and established authors (& vice versa) for the production of Australian produced audio books

Book a Narrator for your Audio Book 

For Authors...we source and provide professional talent for audio book productions. Narrators, voice actors and professional story tellers. We believe each narrator delivers a "performance" for each and every audio book. We charge a consulting fee or flat agency commission for our services. 

Listen up...professional narrators, actors, storyteller's & theater people, celebs, entertainers and comedians 

If you would like gigs as a narrator for audio books, contact us. Let us know the genre and category of books you would like to produce. Tell us your favourite book, we contact the author or rights holder to let them know you are interested, and start the process. 

Professional narrators..we are a bookng agency. Please list wtih us. We add our agency commission to your hourly fee. We work hard to find you gigs and our fees are negotiable.

In this new and exciting age of audio books there is pre-recording work narrators need to do, it's not just a script read and providing a sound sample. It's always a good idea to read the entire book first before providing a sound sample for us and the author.

Producing an audio book may take weeks in the recording studio hence, we consult with the author to find and match the best narrator.

We provide recording studios in each state, all are professional at producing audio books. Time is money when it comes to any sound production,  And we are there for the entire process from A to Z. 

                                          NB. Authors make the final decision to hire the narrator