All that is me is NOT gone. By Ruby Adams

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Non-fiction Diary of a woman's gift (or curse) to see, talk and console the living and the dead in moments of despair and mourning.Published by Next Level Marketing


Based on true events. Love beyond death  

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Non Fiction. 430 pages.  Read on any device. 

Ruby Adams was born with the inherent psychic abilities to see, hear and talk to people who have passed away. As a facilitator, a medium, she helps them through their initial shock and disbelief that they are truly dead. She allays their fears, spiritual expectations and concerns with unfinished business, allowing them to move forward, whatever their spiritual path may be. All the while enabling those left behind and grieving to communicate with their loved ones, and to find peace and closure. 

Ruby’s diary contains her psychic and paranormal experiences with her own loved ones, friends and strangers – while most strangers are friendly, she encounters a few that are plain evil. Over many years she wrote, often in tears, attempting to balance the material and physical world with the vast spiritual universe.

On occasion, Ruby recalls her own past lives in great detail and in special circumstances recounts her glimpses of the future, sometimes scary and other times easily forgotten, only to be remembered when that vision is fully realized.

If you are curious as to how long love endures, continuing without a human form, then share in this intimate and very personal true story of extremes: love in all its glory, deep pain, sorrow, joy, commitment and happy endings. Brace yourself for this intense and emotional journey. 


'This is a truly inspiring account of the life of a wonderful story teller & of one who is special. (Although she doesn't think so...) An Honest account of a life that has been through the most joyous events from meeting the man of her dreams and motherhood’s greatness to excruciatingly painful events. this story will make you laugh out loud, cry & even put it down so you can recapture what you have just read & prompt you to believe in the things that most of us cannot see. Ruby is a believer in the truth of the world with Raw truth, love, & pure honesty.  KW 

'A fascinating view of the light and dark of love and life and death. You will laugh and cry and most of all wonder what is real and what is imaginary. KM

'OMG it’s amazing. I got goose bumps looking at that cover. The read was soooo good. EC

'An emotional ride that makes you think about more than just the now and what the possibilities really are. Enjoyable and insightful.” SM

'Ruby your book deserves to be published, a great read, I couldn't put it down all weekend'. JFP

From the author: I never really thought anyone would be interested in my story. Was truly suprized by the response and the feedback, especially the feedback, I was very moved as people related their own personal experiences reading the book. General consensus seemed to be: " I can't stop crying, can't stop reading it, can't put it down'.

My heartfelt thanks to those who who endured it to the end, I know its not an easy read...Ruby

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