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All that is me is NOT gone. 

By Ruby Adams 

Non fiction. Based on true stories. 

Buy directly from us or on Amazon as paperback, print on demand or Ebook for 99 cents. 


Coming soon: 

Title: 'Am I really dead?' 

A compilation of short 'ghostly' stories, fiction and non fiction you decide...

By Irene Briggs 

Ebook and paperback


Book Tom Kenneally award winning author based in Sydney Australia 

Thomas Micheal Keneally, AO.  Australian novelist, playwright and screenwriter. Best known for his non-fiction novel Schindler's Ark, the story of Oskar Schindler's rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. Made into a feature film Schindlers List in 1993. Director: Steven Spielberg. Stars: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fines, Ben Kingsley. Image: Tom Keneally with Steven Spielberg

Celebrating 50+ years as published author.  Awards include: The Miles Franklin Award, Booker Prize, Los Angeles Book Prize, Royal Society of Literature Prize, Scripter Award of the University of Southern California, the Mondello plus many more international awards.

  • "In conversation" with Tom - in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, lots of Q&A time with audience
  • Guest Speaker at corporate and government events and functions
  • Speaking on social issues relevant today, based on his writings. Social commentator, Speaking Out, Storyteller


Book Meg Keneally, author. Meg is the daughter of Tom Keneally. Based in Sydney Australia. Meg writes historical fiction. Fled is her first solo novel. Based on the real life of Mary Bryant, the notorious 18th-century runaway from an Australian penal colony, Keneally’s debut novel is a tragedy of epic proportions.

The Aureview The Best of 2019 - The 16 best books: Fled by Meg Keneally. Reviewed by The New York Times, fiction that takes you back in time.

Co-author with Tom Keneally in The Monsarrat Series. The Ink Stain. The Soldiers Curse, The Unmourned, The Power Game. 

Bio: Public Affairs officer at the Australian Consulate-General New York, USA. Sub-Editor and freelance feature writer in Dublin. Daily Telegraph Australia, general news reporter. Radio 2UE talkback radio producer. Plus many other high ranking positions in business and the corporate world.

  • In Conversation with Meg - relaxed and casual environment, Q&A with audience
  • Social Commentator - women's issues in history VS currently - 'Me Too' movement
  • Speaker on current social Issues, corporate speaking, government events and functions
  • Storyteller, movitational guest speaker to all ages and genders

Book Tom & Meg Keneally as a Duo - 'In Conversaton With', as motivational or guest speakers for VIP functions, for corporate and business.  



Jane Steward Author, speaker, consultant, trainerBook Jane Stewart Speaker and Trainer

Social Responsibilty: corporations, government departments & businesses

Motivational speaker/trainer when it comes all topics related to Sustainability, Responsible Business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business Innovation through Positive Impact.

Bio: Presenter at conferences: NB including (by invitation) at the White House Conference Center, Washington USA. West End London, UK conferences. Available for international bookings. Based in Melbourne Australia, available nationwide.


Book Peter Broadbent Speaker and Trainer Backsafe and Mindsafe

Mindsafe is a real game changer

For more information please contact Mindsafe

Bizsafe have been working in the field of organisational sustainability for almost 20 years.

Over this time they have developed a wide range of edutainment programs and delivered a broad scope of consulting services for businesses (large and small), government departments (federal, state and local) and community groups (environmental) worldwide.

  1. How to thrive as a sustainable organisation                                  
  2. Develop 'Green Teams'
  3. Sustainable Innovation
  4. Sustainablity reporting
  5. Community Partnership Development

Jane Stewart  & Peter Broadbent phone +61 3 1300 022 257 

Book Iris Detenhoff speaker, practiclal astrologer and self published author of Moontime Diary Australia & USA 

Based in the northern rivers region of NSW. 

Moontime Diary (c)  2021 Australian edition is avaible. Wholesalers please pre-order direct with Iris Detenhoff

phone: 02 6684 2770 |  email:   

Navigate your year with The Moontime Diary. Be in tune with nature's seasons and cycles. 



Eyes very cool publication indeed. 

Vol. 1. No. 1.  Washington D.C. April 1890 Single copy 10 Cts