Brand Product Placement Consultants (Australia)   

Lights - Camera - YOUR  PRODUCT!                                   

Entertainment Depot provides opportunities for brand product placement in film, theater and televisionAffordable advertising.

 Promoting products and services on a local and global scale. New, innovative, iconic, organic, eco-friendly, fair trade, humanitarian, sustainable, natural, high quality, premium and luxury brands. 

We are "dedicated"  scouts for your brand. Align your brand with the characters, the story line, exact genre, desired location in your target market. How?  Supply us your brief, we contact production companies worldwide confidentially on your behalf. 

Don't let the next promotional opportunity pass you by. Where would you like to see your product?  

The ideal placement?  The product is seen, consumed, used, with an emotional attachment to the leading characters. 

Brand Integration: the story line/script includes selected products/brands

Product Placement: products are provided for natural exposure in scenes 

Tie-In promotions: lead actor/s may be available for product "tie-ins" in ad campaigns

Virtual PP: places the product in post-production

                                               Entertainment Depot est in 2002  - based in Melbourne Australia