Publicity and social media services

Entertainment Depot can place your product on screens in TV shows and feature films 

Entertainment Depot are consultants for product placement for all Australian made products. Providing businesses brand product placement opportunities.

Entertainment Depot is a boutique agency established in 2002

Brand Product Placement works like this... brands, products and services are marketed via brand integration, seamless and organic product placements. Producers require props, wardrobe, makeup, vehicles, signage, consumables and electronics etc. Brand’s that continuously leverage and participate in a number of productions at the same time, increase exposure, and for a longer duration

  • Brand Integrationthe storyline is edited to include the brand's products, seamlessly interwoven within the script
  • Product Placement: when the product is provided for natural-organic exposure
  • Prop Placement: studios and stage props, furniture, signage etc. 
  • Tie-In promotion: lead actor/movie for product “tie-ins” in ad campaigns
  • Virtual PP: places brands in post-production

Opportunities are a plenty and our reach is far. 

  1. Plot/Usage Placement: when an on-screen personality or character interacts and/or consumes the product 
  2. Spoken Placement :  the product, service, or corporation is mentioned 
  3. Visual Placement:  the product is observed for a few seconds, sometimes repeatedly

Our services:  Sourcing Australian and international producers who have production budgets in place and a green light for GO. We supply the preferred film genre, location and ensure the timelines work. Identifying opportunities for products in TV shows, feature films, productions with an A-list Cast, as available at the time. Alternatively, our aim is to provide productions with the broadest and relevant selection of brands to support the “uniqueness” of each project. Seamless, successful integration is the key deliverable.   

 Lights…Camera…YOUR  PRODUCT!

It’s easier than you think to get your brand on the screen. Phone +61 3 9486 1771 

KC Publicity   

Karen Conrad Publicity..."wanna start something?"

Phone: 0400 527 365 Email: |  Web: 

Facebook: Karen Conrad Publicity  |  Skype: Karen Conrad Publicity  | Twitter: #karenconradpr 

Karen Conrad Publicity can build a publicity campaign to suit your budget and time frame to get maximum results with media so you can reach your target audience. We have 15 years experience with working on everything from large festivals such as Australasian World Music Expo to the annual Age EG Awards, Charles Jenkins’ Winter Ball and individual project based campaigns for artists across all genres.

We love variety and have worked on projects as diverse as political campaigns for state premiers and local government, entertainment functions of all sizes and types from burlesque to gospel, visual art, film, literature and fashion.  We have hourly, weekly and project based arrangements to suit your budgetary needs.

  • Radio: We service all radio including community radio, university radio, the national broadcaster and commercial radio
  • Print:  Our print media focus is on glossy magazines, major broadsheets, suburban news outlets and specialty media including street press and niche publications across Australia and beyond.
  • TV and Digital:  We service over 170 electronic outlets around the world with your information and schedule interviews, live performances and television appearances on network and community TV throughout Australia. 
  • Media Buying, Information and Grants:  We arrange special promotions and media buying as part of your package and can also assist with helping you access information on all entertainment services, legal services, professional development and government funding. 
  • Touring: we tour overseas artists in Australia and help export Australian artists to new markets overseas.

Turbocharge your visibility! 

It’s harder than ever to get noticed these days. We have some powerful resources to help you cut through the noise and clutter. Stunningly designed media releases. Music editors and programmers get hundreds of releases every week. If yours catches their eye, it really does have a better chance of being looked at. We can rapidly produce a hard-selling electronic and print piece such as these. The electronic versions are complete with hyperlinks and we can carefully adapt the print version to economical black & white if you choose. We’ll follow the visual theme established by your CD or band identity or create something completely new, your choice. 

  • Posters: We create strong, unforgettable imagery with as much info as required organised with no clutter.  
  • Websites: We’ve made this website ourselves by hand since 2004. We know how to make your site interactive and easy to update yourself while connecting to social media channels with one entry and one click. For instance, every blog entry on this site automatically goes out to Twitter and Facebook. Yours could too.
  • Special promotions: Special events, seasonal greetings, whatever the occasion, we can provide memorable, humorous materials to attract attention.
  • Marketing, advertising, events, product launches:  At KCP, we’re proud to have Australian Institute of Marketing, Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and New York Festivals award winners on staff. We’re not only rock ‘n roll and we like it. We’ve experience in everything from fashion to events to social causes to packaged goods.
  • Writing: We’ve written for US Senator Ted Kennedy, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, The Age — and for Ford, Vegemite, Violence Against Women and the National Asthma Campaign, among hundreds of others. Journalism, speechwriting, copywriting — we have the skills and experience.
  • Album covers:  The spirit of your work translated visually — and in words on the liner notes if you choose. We collaborate closely with you so that the final product is very much your album cover, one that you can be proud of. 

                                                                   Home office: Melbourne Australia

Digitree Media Australia

For Social Media and Digital Marketing Solutions contact Clare on 0404 288 948 

Contact Digitree Media for

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google Business Pages | Google Adwords | EDM Campaigns |

SEO and Content for website. Initial set up Includes: 

  • Keyword research
  • Content written with keywords threaded through copy
  • Google places optimization included for 2 premises
  • Google analytics set up
  • Website optimization checks
  • Addition of business to Australian directories
  • Changes and edits to copy as per clients request

A four month package with a recurring monthly fees. For reviews on SEO and Google rankings – a monthly report will be sent on rankings. At three months a review followed by adjustments and replacement of low ranking keywords – this will include content changes with the introduction of new keywords. Add your business to at least 10 Australian Business directories

Google Business pages

  • Set up and verification 
  • Optimisation and key word and group selection – this improves your SEO especially for local business.
  • This is essentially a mini website provided free by Google that appears first in mobile searches
  • Includes a brief description of the business utilization highly searched key words uploading of images and a map of where you are found

Google Adwords:

Initial set up of account. Monthly management fee - does not include click through costs


  • Initial assessment of AdWords  viability i.e. Return on investment and cost per click according to sales potential 
  • Keyword research
  • Ad create
  • Segmenting of ads and keywords
  • Daily monitoring of account to assess ad conversion rate and ensure click spend is not exceeded
  • Changes to ads and keywords as necessary

EDM  (electronic direct marketing) Campaigns

Initial set up and template creation includes:

  • Importing and checking your database for duplicates
  • 1st newsletter creation and distribution
  • Changes and modifications of first newsletter by client
  • Copywriting 
  • Report generation of open rates and unsubscribes as well as click throughs to website
  • Newsletters can contain video and gif animation
  • Thereafter each newsletter creation 


  • Initial set up includes logos customised backdrop and gaining followers
  • 4 weeks of tweets to gain more followers within the demographic
  • The client must let me know of any specials running and be willing to run competitions and specials to gain visibility.
  • Monthly management of account billed monthly, this includes daily tweets as well as a manual thank you and response to messages  from followers
  • Monthly reports and using hootsuite to show the success / progress of the campaign


  • Facebook Business page set up
  • Facebook fans acquisition
  • Facebook posts twice a day 5 days a week  at your optimum times billed monthly
  • Facebook ads to your demographic – amount and costs to be set by you per month - management costs per click billed separately


  • Initial set up and following of like minded account
  • Set up of account
  • Follower acquisition
  • Post per day, 5 days a week  both of videos and photos pertinent  to the account billed monthly
  • Homebase: Melbourne Australia