Protection, Love & Prosperity, Love pouches with Blessings                

Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected   

Pouches for Protection, Love & Prosperity

Special gifts for self and your loved ones

The House at No. 8 presents the special blessings.   

Hills End Gardens supplies the carefully selected herbs for all the pouches. Herbs with meaning, be it for protection, attracting and maintaining prosperity, love and remembrance. 

Each pouch contains salt from the seas and carefully selected  herbs, these herbs have been used since ancient times for protection and blessings. Historically hung from ceilings and over doorways, placed in rooms, cots and places where protection from evil, ill-wishes and curses is needed. 

Each pouch comes with a blessing card, both presented in a white organza drawstring bag. White is the strongest protection color. Select the colour of the satin pouch with your blessing. Hang the white organza pouch OR place the blessings card in your wallet, hanging the red velvet or satin drawstring pouch where you feel it's needed. 

 Protect your world  “Je Suis Protege… I am protected”

Spiritual significance of salt through the ages: Truths, Myths & Facts: Salt has played a significant part in religious and spiritual rituals in many cultures on planet Earth symbolizing purity with a long history of use in rituals of purification, magical protection, mostly used throughout the ages warding off negative energies and evil spirits. Salt is used as the most important ingredient for inspiration and creation of wondrous and joyful blessings. As are protection, remembrance and love and prosperity herbs grown in gardens worldwide. 

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