Salt Pillows. So cool! 

       Salt Pillows for Cold Therapy 

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Cold salt pillows are a natural solution to cool you down. For a deep soothing coolness.



Our Salt Pillows are hand made in Melbourne Australia with 100% pure cotton, encasing pink Himalayan Mineral Salt. Unscented, soft on your skin. For best results store in freezer. Use for relaxation, hot flashes, swollen ankles, relief from headaches, migraines, muscle aches, sprains, swelling and sport injuries.  Two sizes. Store in your freezer (in freezer bag provded) 

1. The "So Cool" for forehead: top of head, back of, cool down, close eyes and relaxUnscented.

2. "The Wrap"  Wrap around neck and across your shoulders like a scarf and relax. Wrap around your swollen ankles, aching knees, varicose veins, endless uses.

Cold, soft and soothing! 

Use as Cold Therapy only | Do not heat, eat or wash |