Featuring Tzigane (a Hungarian Gypsy) Charmed Pouches and orginal Blessing cards

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Tzigane (Hungarian Gypsy) Charmed Herbs & Crystals in Satin Pouches. With original Blessing cards. Attract love and good fortune. Protection from ill-will and bad luck. In loving memory. Love Dedications. Over 30 Blessings to select from. 

Our Tzigane charmed pouches & pillows contain a mix of specially charged dried herbs, plants and crystals, with a salt for added protection against all things! Charmed & Charged (as done thru the ages) with pure intention and our personal blessings.    

        30 original verses, blessing gift cards. Use as fridge magnet. 

         Original Blessing card themes:  Je Suis Protégé - I am protected | À Mon                 Amour - To my love | Je Suis Protégé - I am protected | Sur                                         Demandé - On request |  Aimé Toujours - Loved always |                                                                     Pour Toujours  - Forever 


Colours: Tzigane (Hungarian Gypsy) Charmed Satin pouches in available in 7 colors: pale pink | hot pink | white | light blue | navy blue | royal purple | black | Red Faux Velvet | 

Hand made little salt pillows for protection, to attract money, to attract love

Specially selected herbs and crystals to: attract good fortune, luck and prosperity | attract love and romance | welcome new born baby | house warming gifts for luck and protection | in remembrance | ​



New: Non Fiction Book  All that is me is NOT gone. By Ruby Adams now available on www.saltpillows.com.au  

AUD $26.00 + $2 flat postage. 


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