Hills End Gardens gifts are available wholesale and to buy direct online:   www.saltpillows.com.au 

Unique Charmed Satin pouches containing specially selected (dried) herbs for good fortune, good luck, remembrance, love and happiness with salt for protection. 

Wholesale minimum order 10 pouches. With or without original Blessing cards

Blessing gift card themes: 

  1. ‘Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected
  2. ‘À Mon Amour... to my love
  3. 'Sur Demandé ...on request- attract money and good luck
  4. ‘Aimé Toujours... loved always
  5.  ‘Pour Toujours...forever              


Hills End Herbs & Cottage Garden Plants wholesale nursery was est in 1990. The wholesale plant nursery has long gone, but the name and fine reputation continues.