Hills End Gardens for personal and promotional seed sachets, seed sticks & embedded seed plant-able paper cards.

Hills End Gardens consults and provides special promotional seed products to enhance your message, select from 1000+ seed varieties. Seeds selection? We assist you with the optimum seeds to align with your message and/or brand. 

Imagine your message with a special gift provided by Mother Nature.

Specially selected seeds for...

Personalized for invites, celebrations, thankyou's and goodbyes. 

Corporate, business and government promotions, gifts and give-aways. Add your message. Promote your cause. Very affordable. Orders from 2,000 to 200,000+ 

Seed options: so many.....

  • Mixed seeds of bright and colour flowers
  • One colour flower sachet: all white, all red, all yellow, all pink etc. Tell your story with one colour.
  • Annual flowers - fast harvesting. One show.
  • Biennial - twice yearly - weather conditions permitting
  • Perennials - prolific self seeding perennials, foxgloves, Californian poppies etc. 
  • Perennials - classic cottage garden plants
  • Specific flowers seeds e.g. Sunflower seeds
  • Attract Bees and Butterflies seed sachet mix
  • Herbs - a huge selection
  • Vegetables 
  • Natives - bird attracting, self seeding.
  • Organic seeds. TBA.

Product options: again, so many sizes, designs, add your personal messages, add your brand's message - contact us for a full product list and quote.

Please email rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au     

Phone 041 999 4095 | 03 9486 1771

Hills End Herbs & Cottage Garden Plants wholesale nursery was est in 1990. The wholesale plant nursery has long gone, but the name, fine reputation and business continues...  


Hills End Gardens also supply the enchanted herbs and plants for Charmed Pouches/Gifts and writers of the original Blessing cards. 

Charmed Pouches/Gifts full range is available @ online shophttps://saltpillows.com.au/shop/