Welcome to Next Level Marketing and Promotions Agency Australia

Consultants and agents

2022 we welcome new clients who require assistance with re-launching, re-inventing, re-booting, re-freshing and promoting their business to their target market and loyal customers.   

Our best business practices for over 30 years:

  1. Assume nothing
  2. Listen - always
  3. Build a trusting relationship
  4. Never ever lie, no little white PR lies - ever. 
  5. Never discuss other clients - it's not your story to tell

We are a boutique agency offering affordable direct marketing since 2006

Based in Fairfield Victoria  

Phone: 041 999 4095 

Email: rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au 

BTW we are not a call center, are not telemarketers and do not make appointments for your sales team. We simply promote.