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NEW...Protection, Prosperity and Love Pouches with Blessings. Gifts for oneself and loved ones

The House at No. 8 original special blessings   

Hills End Gardens presents specially selected herbs for all the pouches. Herbs with meaning, be it for protection, attracting and maintaining prosperity and special love pouches. 

The satin pouches contain salt from the seas and carefully selected herbs, these herbs have been used for centuries for protection and blessings. Historically worn, hung from ceilings, over doorways, placed in rooms, cots and places where protection from evil, ill-wishes and curses is needed.

Each pouch comes with a blessing card, both presented in a white organza drawstring bag. White is the strongest protection color. Select the colour of the satin pouch with your blessing. Hang the white organza pouch OR place the blessings card in your wallet, hanging the satin drawstring pouch where you feel it's needed. 

  • Protection, Love & Prosperity Pouches with Blessings
  • Brand Product Placement by Entertainment Depot
  • Salt Pillows for cold therapy
  • Lady Luck Lampshades for handmade retro, rockabilly and Victorian silk shades 
  • KC Publicity for musicians, tours, cd launches and social media