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We are a boutique marketing and promotions agency with 30+ years experience 

Branded and customized seeded products, unique gifts for corporate promotions

We work with the best seed promotional product manufacturers in Australia

Consult with brands and businesses with their designs and seed selections to align with the marketing campaigns. Adding special seeds to promotion and marketing campaigns, in eco friedly packaging.

Promote your brand with a complimentary seed gift and say thank you, welcome or congratulations. Seeds of beautiful flowering plants, for delicious home grown vegetables and home grown fresh herb.

Promote your products, services, cause, charity or competition, green it up with seeds!

Corporate Gifts | Seed Sachets |Seed Sticks | Seed pots | Ecopot | Biopot | Greeting Cards | DL's | House shaped seed sticks | Tear Drop/Water shaped seed sticks| Car shaped seed sticks | seeded embedded paper | seeded envelopes, sachets and packets | 

Hills End Gardens Charmed Gifts 

available from The Hills Gardens Gift shop...www.saltpillows.com.au 

Charmed Herb Pouches with original Blessing gift cards. Our Charmed Pouches contain specially selected herbs for good fortune, love, happiness, remembrance, for all celebrations and events. 

Blessing gift cards,  special blessings, love dedications and request for good luck, money and protection. Our gift card themes... ‘Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected | ‘À Mon Amour... to my love | 'Sur Demandé ...on request- attract money and good luck | ‘Aimé Toujours... loved always |  ‘Pour Toujours...forever |

Salt Protection Pillows. Large size protection pillows contain protection herbs and salt.

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Lady Luck Lampshades  handmade; designs include retro, rockabilly, birds, contemporary & children's. Classic Victorian Silks 

Nostalgia drag racer Damien Kemp. 1964 Fairlane Gasser Funderbolt  speaker, professional racer and celebrity 

Classic Car Inspections         www.classiccarinspections.com.au    with over 20 years experience in classic cars.