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March 2020: while the world is going thru a 'hard re-boot', yes, its going to be a long Autumn and Winter in Australia. We wish everyone good health and as little stress as possible financially. Take care of yourself and  your loved ones. This is the time, family does come first. 

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We Research-Contact-Market for start ups and established businesses of any size.

We are a boutique sales and marketing agency established in 2006. We market for businesses who have  new and unique products &/or offer specialized services. Based in Victoria with over 30+ years experience in sales and marketing. And...very affordable.  

All speakers bookings are in association with Entertainment Depot our corporate booking agency. Established online in 2002.  Speakers: Featuring authors Tom Keneally and Meg Keneally. 

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2020 Moontime DiaryAll that is me is not gone. by Ruby Adams