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Sitrep Training is a division of U-Nome Security

Trainer: Naomi Oakley

Sitrep Training: A safety awareness workshop for emergency and threatening situations.

It could save your life on a very dark day (or night) 

Book Promotions Agency 

Established in 2006, yes - in business for 18 years, (minus a couple of years with Covid lockdowns). 

We specialize in the promotions and marketing of books for self publishing indie-authors.

With 35+ years experience in direct sales, marketing, publicity, events and promotions we are delighted to promote books, books that are a little off-center, non-fiction books that will impinge and assist those who need to know. 

Special stories, fiction or non-fiction that may not appeal to mainstream publishers. 

NB. None of our books contain any content using AI. They are written by real authors who have invested their time, creativity and money into their manuscripts. 

contact: rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au 

Thanks and have a great day y'all.